AWCIA Members

Our members are businesses and individuals that have a significant impact on how weather and climate information is collected, disseminated and enhanced to provide custom services to weather and climate sensitive businesses as well as the general public. AWCIA member companies build hardware and software systems, implement government programs, broadcast weather presentations, disseminate raw government and proprietary environmental data sets, generate products and services, and provide specialized services to a wide variety of markets. AWCIA members are the "value-added provider" or extension to publicly available raw data sets. AWCIA members assimilate raw data and tailor the information for specific uses. Our corporate members employ professional staffs exceeding 1,000+ employees and cover a wide spectrum of capabilities and sizes.

Corporate and/or Individual Members

Corporate Member Name Website
AccuWeather, Inc.
AccuWeather, International
National Weather Forecasting, LLC
Roffers Ocean Fishing Forecasting, Inc.
UNISYS Weather
Vieux, Inc.
WeatherBank Inc.
AccuWeather For Business
Locator IP LP
User Centric IP LP
Hwind Scientific, LLC
Radiometrics, Corp.
TruWeather Solutions
Vaisala, Inc.
Individual Member Name
Elliot Abrams, Senior VP, Chief Meteorologist
AccuWeather, Inc.
Michael R. Root, CFO
WeatherBank, Inc.
Michael A. Steinberg, Senior VP, Special Initiatives
AccuWeather, Inc.
Evan Myers, Chief Operating Officer
AccuWeather, Inc.
Joel N. Myers, Founder, Chairman, President
AccuWeather, Inc.
Conrad Lautenbacher, CEO and Director
Previously, CSC NOAA, US Dept. of Commerce
Geooptics, Inc.
Jonathon Porter, Director of Innovation and Development
AccuWeather, Inc.
Steven Root, President & CEO
WeatherBank, Inc.
Steve Smith, Chief Digital Officer
AccuWeather, Inc.
John R. Toohey-Morales, President
ClimaData, Corp.